Bet on Hi-Lo online that newbies must know

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Speaking of Hi- Lo , anyone who has never played or knows the name might think that it is a simple bet with only dice and a shaking cup. But when you really get into Hi- Lo , it won’t be difficult to play. It’s not as easy to play as some gambling games. It can be said that if you don’t understand, you might stab each other randomly. Today I’m going to introduce you to the popular dice shaking game. online casino Everywhere must have one.

Bet on Hi-Lo online that newbies must know

 Where did Hi-Lo come from?

If asked about the history of Sic Bo , many people believe that this type of gambling game originated from a group of workers in China. Especially many builders who used bricks or clay blocks to write numbers on 6 sides. Whoever guesses correctly is considered the winner. Then, new playing styles and rules were developed to increase the challenge until it became popular in Online casinos today

Hi-Lo online how to play

For playing Hi-Lo online, it’s not as difficult as you think. Just the player being a member of Online casinos that can be played now. The method of playing and placing bets is the same as at home casinos. including a UFABET large casino That is, they all use the same rules. For those who play foreign casinos, don’t just search for the word Hilo because in other countries, they call this game Sic-Bo, but at home we call Hilo because it is used to call the word transliteration according to the bet Hight (Hight ) and low (Low) only