How to walk Hi-Lo money

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After we already know the money walking formula It’s time to see when we will use the money walking formula to get the best results.

Even-odd Hi-Lo money walk

In the moment when we are betting on even-odd, we can use the money walking formula by looking at

  • If Hi-Lo comes out high or big In the next turn, bet on pairs by starting to bet 1 unit always in the first round.
  • If the dice is low or small In the next turn, bet odd by starting to bet 1 unit in the first round as well.

The conclusion is that if any round comes out high, bet on a pair. Going out low, giving an odd bet It doesn’t matter if we win or lose. because we have a money walking formula to help solve this problem Just have to always hold that whenever you win, you must always return that starts at 1 unit.

How to walk Hi-Lo money

Hi-Lo Money Walk High-Low

For walking Sic Bo money, this method has a fairly fixed format. But we have to find a rhythm to take it ourselves. By the time he entered, he had to see that the last 4 laps had to come out in the form high-low-high-low Alternate like this to start placing bets. In the first round, bet high with 1 unit of funds according to the money formula. Then stabbed in this form UFABET.

high – low – high – low – high – high – low

But there is one thing to keep in mind in this formula. If we win in the first eye, it is considered that the round ends immediately. Then wait for the new entry rhythm, slowly play, and most importantly, be careful not to sit in Hi- Lo for a long time, otherwise, no matter how divine the formula is, you will lose your money back. Online casino is good.