Messi, Mbappe, Modric, Hakimi: Best XI from 4 teams in World Cup 2022 semi-finals

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Every team in the quarter-finals has their own heroic players, but who will be the best starting XI out of the four teams in the 2022 World Cup semi-finals based on their performance so far?

   The 2022 World Cup is coming to an end. It now reaches the semi-final of four, where Lionel Messi ‘s Argentina beat veteran Croatian Luka Modric to advance to the final. Meanwhile, the star-studded France side will take on Morocco , the first African nation to reach the quarter-final of the tournament in the tournament’s history UFABET.

Messi, Mbappe, Modric, Hakimi: Best XI from 4 teams in World Cup 2022 semi-finals

          The presence of both Croatia and Morocco has come as a big surprise to world football, with ‘checkered’, despite reaching the finals at the last World Cup in 2018, being seen as having a team too old to play for. will cause problems for the football superpowers at this time But Croatia is Croatia , they can stand up against the favorites Brazil. before winning on penalties Just like they did against Japan in the previous game.

          Croatia have only won one game throughout this tournament, beating Canada 4-1 in the group stage in Morocco’s case. They only conceded one goal in this World Cup. And proved that they were the toughest team against their opponents as Belgium, Croatia, Spain and Portugal all failed to catch the net against the top northeastern African sides.

         So if you thought that Kylian Mbappe was going to lead his team to an easy win in the semi-finals tonight (Wednesday 14 December 2022), you’re so wrong. Especially with Ashraf Hakimi, Mbappe’s best friend and teammate. Plays in the right back position. And although each team has their own heroes, But who will be the best starting XI out of the four semi-finalists for the 2022 World Cup , considering their performances at the tournament so far? 

Goalkeeper: Dominic Livakovic

Right-back: Achraf Hakimi

Centre-back: Yosco Guardiol

Centre-back : Lisandro Martinez

Left-back: Theo Hernandez

Defensive midfield: Sofiane Amrabat

Central midfield : Luka Modric

Central midfield : Enzo Fernandez

Right wing  : Lionel Messi

Forward : Olivier Giroud

Left wing: Kylian Mbappe

          Livakovic is an easy choice for the goalkeeper position. Few players have beaten the Croatian in his country’s penalty shoot-out and certainly Argentina would not want to bring themselves to that point. (Which didn’t really reach that point) Next to the goalkeeper Strong defensively is Hakimi , who is arguably the best right-back in the world right now, with the 24-year-old playing flawlessly for Morocco both defensively and attacking.

          Guardiol and Martinez have maintained impressive form from club football and have exceeded expectations in the tournament so far. They firmly occupied the middle of the defence, while Hernandez may have been fortunate to make it into the starting XI after conceding a penalty for England. But his form outside of that period must be considered strong.

          In midfield , Amrabat is Liverpool’s newest target. Acting in the middle of the field with passion and determination, while Modric and Fernandez are other players linked with the Reds. At the heart of their team , Messi is a menace in every way. Step up as Argentina’s leader and possibly win the Player of the Tournament award. He will lead the team and play a key role from the right flank. And the team would be complete if French duo Giroud and Mbappe , two of the top scorers at the 2022 World Cup so far, join the forward line.