Psychologist: Kane missed penalty after missing defender

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Leading football psychology professor Ger Jordet claims. Harry Kane was left ‘lonely and weak’ in the 30 second. Before he missed a penalty against France due to the lack of a ‘defender’ on the pitch.

  Harry Kane was left ‘isolated and vulnerable’ in the crucial 30 seconds. Before he missed a penalty Against France – that’s what a leading football psychology professor has emphasized because of Jordan Henderson. Which is usually his ‘guard’ has been removed, the England captain Kane. Penalty shot flying over the crossbar in the 84th minute of the World Cup. quarterfinals On Saturday. The Three Lions defeated 2-1 and were eliminated. Previously, the Tottenham Hotspur striker successfully scored a penalty, causing England to equalize 1-1. But not can help the team to equalize a second time

Psychologist: Kane missed penalty after missing defender

          Ger Jordet, a professor at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences , gave some insight into why Kane missed the penalty via Twitter. By Jordet specializes in football performance analysis and game psychology. Whether it’s dealing with extreme pressure, making decisions during the UFABET game. And the development of abilities, etc., indicating that Liverpool midfielder Henderson has shown the world what he can do. 

To stand with teammates are about to take the penalty. Ensures that competitors cannot come close to play ‘Psychological warfare’ or hinder the shooter Henderson was on the pitch when the first penalty was taken. He went to get the ball himself and passed it to him. Kane before making sure no French player approached him to disturb him with the last words before the penalty shoot-out.

          However, Henderson was substituted five minutes before Kane’s second penalty kick. So Jordet thus pointing out that The Liverpool captain has not been able to support Kane the way he used to. And that left Kane surrounded by French players 30 seconds after VAR awarded a penalty. As Theo Hernandez pushed Mason Mount, with Mount and Jude Bae. Bellingham noticed this and stepped in to help ‘Kane’ where Bellingham even acted as ‘blocking’ Olivier Giroud out of the area. But did Jordet think it was too late? 

  Bellingham , showing maturity beyond his 19 years, was the first to comfort ‘Kane’ after his penalty shot over the crossbar. But the damage had already been done. Immediately after Ken’s mistake Surrounded by almost French players and not a single English player before finally the Borussia Dortmund midfielder stepped in to say something to his captain. While the French players were celebrating with goalkeeper Hugo Lloris at the time, pictures showed that someone appeared to provoke Kane.

          Jordet said that Bellingham shows that he is He was England’s ‘future leader’ by being the first to comfort Kane after his mistake. After the final whistle England were eliminated, Kane’s team-mates intervened to console him, but Henderson put in an extraordinary effort. He didn’t say or do anything in particular. Being a teammate is about being there for the people who need you the most.