Qatar urgent question Kenya security guard crashes into Lusail field dies

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2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar Another tragedy occurred when security personnel. Falling from the top floor of the field Lusail. After the match between Argentina and the Netherlands ended the UFABET game a few hours. As for the cause investigation is underway

A spokesman for the 2022 FIFA World Cup organizing committee said an urgent investigation was underway into the death of a Kenyan security guard. That fell from the top floor of the Lusail Stadium. A arena used in the World Cup in Qatar, a puzzle on Saturday, December 10th.

Qatar urgent question Kenya security guard crashes into Lusail field dies

John Njau Kibue , 24, was seriously injured. Hours after Argentina beat the Netherlands on penalties. in the quarterfinals which has been reported Of the previous 37 World Cup-related deaths, only three were work-related accidents, and the guard is the fourth. 

“The stadium’s medical team arrived at the scene immediately. and provide emergency treatment before he was transferred to the intensive care unit of Hamad Medical Hospital,” said the organizing spokesman. “We regret to announce that Despite the best efforts of the medical team But he died at the hospital on Tuesday, December 13, after spending three days in the intensive care unit.

Kibue ‘s family  in Kenya have been informed of this tragedy. The spokesperson added: We offer our sincere condolences to the family. his colleagues and friends during this difficult time. The tournament organizers are urgently investigating the events that led to this loss and will provide further information.

Three days ago , 48-year-old US sports journalist Grant Wahl died while reporting at the stadium. by referring to an acute heart attack which caused a sudden farewell to the world while his wife further revealed that The results of the autopsy revealed that Caused by aneurysm of the aorta