Sicbo formula of medium risk

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The level of challenge in playing Sicbo here is increased a bit by betting on specific numbers from 1-6 to any number. The payout rate is 1: 1. But the specialty is that the payout rate will increase if the next dice comes out with the same number. For example, if 2 dice are the same. It will pay 2: 1, the same 3 dice, the payout rate is 3. : 1 except online casinos Some dealers may pay up to 12: 1 if all 3 dice come out on the same face. The formula we will use is UFABET

Sicbo formula of medium risk

Formula 5 Rally 1

Many people may think that betting on all 6 specific numbers will help them have a higher chance of winning. But it’s definitely not worth it. Therefore, we will use only 5 numbers to bet, assuming that we bet on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, leaving 5 blank.

  • If all three dice come out on different faces as we bet, we get a profit of 1 unit.
  • If two dice are duplicated We will not not lose is equal to the capital itself
  • If all three dice appear on the same face will get the capital back only But there may be some dealers who pay up to 12: 1, this one we will get a profit of 9 units.

Although this formula is a bit less profitable. There is still a chance to win half a half. But if we use the Fibonacci money flow formula, which is a fixed money flow formula, it comes to help. It will give you the opportunity to make more profit. And if anyone has a sufficiently heavy capital, may use the Martingale formula to help reduce the risk as well.

High Risk Sicbo Formula

Anyone who is experienced in the field or is an expert in playing Sicbo and likes taking heavy risks personally can use this method to play. We will only bet on 4 numbers, with all 4 numbers having to be matched again. Compared to the payout ratio of 6: 1, it is considered very worth the risk as well. for placing bets Assuming that we choose to bet on 2, 3, 5 and 6, we must bring all 4 numbers to arrange a set of 6 pairs, namely 2-3, 2-5, 2-6, 3-5, 3-6 and 5-6. which will lead us to the following events

  • If winning 2 pairs means that we guess 3 numbers correctly, when placing a bet of 150 baht, will receive a profit of 150 baht
  • If only one pair wins We will only get the capital back.

Using this formula, I would like to emphasize that it is very risky to lose money all at once. But it’s the only way to help spin profits as quickly as possible. It depends on who likes what kind. Let’s choose to play according to the level of risk that we can accept.