Is it true or not? Sexually active women are at increased risk of cystitis.

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Some people may have known that drinking too little water Including frequent urinary incontinence behavior is a major cause of disease “Bladder inflammation,” but for women then. There may be another reason that increases the risk of cystitis.

Is it true or not? Sexually active women are at increased risk of cystitis.

Are sexually active women at risk for cystitis?

sexually active women may be at risk for urinary tract infections It is medically called honeymoon cystitis or cystitis after sex. All symptoms are the same as normal cystitis. Only symptoms will appear after 30 minutes – 1 hour of intercourse.

Symptoms of cystitis after sex

Causes of cystitis after sex

when the vagina and the anus is close to the urethra while having sex Bacteria may be introduced into the urethra through the urethra. In addition, if having vaginal intercourse and the anus at the same time It may increase your risk of developing vaginal infections. and more urethra

There are also other causes, such as violent sex. until a small wound vaginal area or near the urethra and women in vaginal dryness or are in menopause It may increase your risk of developing a bladder infection after sex.

Treatment of cystitis after sex

Initially, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics such as trimethoprim or nitrofurantoin. Let the patient return to eat at home. And observe the symptoms about 5-7 days before and the patient should observe their own symptoms whether they actually have symptoms after having sex or not. if you are sure yes Your doctor will recommend a more specific treatment. to prevent recurrence of symptoms

Prevention of cystitis after sex

  1. Maintain the cleanliness of the genitals, both males and females.
  2. Should observe the abnormalities of the body after sex well.
  3. If there is an abnormality It is absolutely not recommended to buy medicines to take by yourself. Because it can cause symptoms of “drug resistance”
  4. If symptoms occur, consult a doctor immediately. to find the right treatment You shouldn’t let the symptoms go on and on. without any treatment because it can cause cystitis with more severe symptoms Risk of infection in the upper urinary tract, such as the ureters and ureters, which can affect the kidneys in the long term And there may be a risk of sepsis in the blood stream.